Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Advantages of Learning English in School

The importance of learning English in a connected and globalized world environment cannot be overstated. It is the primary language of global communication, trade, commerce, diplomacy and foreign policy. Learning English in school will open up numerous opportunities and avenues to students in the American as well as the international marketplace

Learning a Globally Dominant Language
English is indisputably the most dominant global language. America's influence on international affairs and the primacy of its popular culture is responsible for the widespread acceptance of the English language worldwide. It is the most spoken official language in the world and is the native language of America. Learning
English in school will undoubtedly give a head start or advantage to students looking to make their way in America as well as the world.

Language of Higher Education
In universities in America, India, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, the primary language of instruction is English. In private colleges, community colleges and other higher institutes of advanced studies and learning in the U.S., English is used in every activity. Learning English in school will help students to pass entrance examinations and other tests required for admission and assimilate easily in these institutions of higher learning.

Language of the Digital Age
Children going to public and private schools all over America are part of the evolving Digital generation. Students are aware about and use computers, the Internet mobile phones, digital voice recorders and other technology-based tools and applications to aid and supplement their education pursuits. And while language-based technologies and allied software have facilitated use of languages other than English on the World Wide Web, English is still the dominant language used and widely preferred. The language of social media sites and applications, peer-to-peer and online education networks, websites, shareware is almost always English.

Develop Social Skills
School children are generally taken for a number of field trips, exhibitions, boot camps and projects to different states and even countries as part of their coursework and studies. They are encouraged to participate in inter-state competitions, sports fests and cultural festivals. Many students are also encouraged to participate in United Nations and affiliated bodies' sponsored competitions and international student exchange programs. Leaning and knowing how to speak English fluently will enable students to interact socially and positively in forums outside the protected environments of schools.

Employment Opportunities
Interviews for jobs, employment opportunities and career avenues that open up after graduation and post graduation are always conducted in English. English is the language used during interaction and engagement with career counselors and guides for career guidance and employment opportunities. Even employment opportunities during summer and winter vacations and part-time jobs available to students in various job settings and environments require felicity with spoken and written English. Employment opportunities also open up in other English speaking countries and the Commonwealth of Nations comprising of 50 plus countries of the erstwhile British Empire.

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