Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Dun help others to put the 'heung'into the 'heung' holder, it have some local knowledge
我和我老公去拜拜的時候 , 有個小姐站在註生娘娘的面前摸著肚子 ,要我老公幫他插香到香爐裡。
When I go pray wit my husband, one lady stand in front of 'help pregnant' God n touch her stomach, ask my husband to help her insert the 'heung'into the 'heung' holder
可是我一直覺得很怪異叫我老公不要幫 , 那個小姐還凶我說沒看到她手不方便!?
But I feel very weird so ask my husband no need to help than the lady some more scold me that didnt saw her arm no convenience to insert the 'heung'
我老公以為她手受傷所以好心幫她放 , 等到我們拜完在路上看到她竟然四肢健全。
My husband thought that her arm hurt so help her, but when we finish pray then saw her actually very health on the road
趕快打電話問一位通靈的大哥 , 他說是有人教那位小姐這種方式來借胎 ,就教我們化解的方法...
So we direct call a brother that know 'un natural thing', he say someone teach this lady to borrow fetus this way, then teach us how to solve it….
所以喔!!人不要太好心!!幫忙放香進香爐只能幫自家人放喔!! 恐怖哦∼
so, dun be too kind!! Only can help ppl u know well to insert the 'heung' wo!! So scary~

never give ur sock to other
Today I heard a real incident that very scary….
有一個高中女生晚上在回家的時候 ... 在自家門前看到一位香港人,他說因為參加某某節目,跟某某人打賭,希望那女生把襪子給他一隻。
One secondary school gul when she go home… saw a Hong Kong citizen in front of her house, he say because he participate in wat wat wat program, then bet with someone, hopefully this gal can give him one sock.
Because the gal almost home, so she thinking about get a new one inside.
That guy say wan the one she wear, the gul saw he look so sincere, then give the sock she is wearing to him..
香港人很高興,又有點不好意思,要塞 100元給那高中女生,因為她家非常富有,便堅持不收。
The guy very happy but also feel embarrassed, so give the gul 100 dollar, because she very rich, so she dun wan to take…
Dun think that this story end like this, that gul always feel tired n not well after that day…
She also dun mind, but do u know that..
The guy who take her sock, dunno is foster 'little ghost'or deal with the devil, wan to take this gal life..
Luckily this gal dad know a bit of 'special ability', know that this is someone doing something bad on her, so faster take her go 'ki long' to find a Sifu…
That sifu direct ask the gal got take the money bo? She say didn't, sifu say luckily didn't, if not than can't save her liao, like this the gal is secure…
That sifu say because now timing very bad, a lot of big ghost small ghost looking for ppl, everything need to be careful, especially is:
女生絕對不要把下列七樣東西交給別人:gal never give ppl this 7 things:
1.頭髮1. hair
2.指甲2. nail
3.襪子3. sock
4.身上的東西4. other thing u wear
其他我忘了,交給別人,「有心人」只要有其中一項,就可以要你的命!the rest I forget liao, those evil can take our life if have any of this
一切要小心,而且不要隨便拿陌生人的錢或東西,不要貪小便宜也不要濫用同情心 ....
Everything need to be careful, dun simply take other money or thing, dun be greedy n kind as well
if u receive other ppl good article, dun be selfish to share, u can continue to share wit ur fren, dun forget mine.
When we treat someone with real heart, someone with pay u back, hopefully we all r those ppl that 'use heart' n 'got heart

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