Saturday, October 17, 2009

Benefits of playing video games

(1)Improved Hand-Eye Coordination.
All video games involve looking at a screen and using some sort of controller to move your character through the world inside the video game. Players must press buttons, sometimes a few buttons simultaneously, to continue playing the game. Older arcade games used joysticks along with buttons, but the concept is the same. The result is that players are rewarded for having good hand-eye coordination. Hitting the correct series of buttons at just the right time results in being able to play the video game for a little while longer. As a result, playing video games helps a person build hand-eye coordination.

Fewer video games require the player to actually get up and move around, but there have been a few. Years ago, the Nintendo company had a track and field game that came with a large mat.

(3)Increased Concentration

Players must pay attention to what is going on in the video game if they want to do well. Video games today cannot be completed in just one session, or even in a few days of playing. Many have complex story lines that go along with them. A player must focus to keep playing

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